Milo day 2 at work

Hi! Milo again. It was quite a second day. I had a good night sleep “not on the bed”. Bill served a Beneful breakfast. Then he left to Winona to buy me some new goodies. I need a harness and a lead and a tie out line, plus some treats. He got some treats Sunday but they only last about 2 minutes. The new ones last longer, but one was gone in 15 minutes. The second one Bill put on the counter for later but I stood up and drug it off anyway. (Hope he doesn’t learn!) It lasted about 45 minutes. I wonder what he will come up with tomorrow? We had 2 good walks, one out on the old railroad point without a leash! OH the smells on that path!! I did not want to stop. Then later some men came and cut off the top of the tree. I had a prime view in the big front window. Then someone came with small tractors and kind of raked the lawn. What fun to watch. After that Bill took me outside and let me play with my walnut. I love throwing it over my head and rolling down the hill to grab it and then chew on it, then do it all over again. I spent 1/2 an hour doing that. Then I chewed it in half and Bill made me quit. Poop. I’ll find another one tomorrow.

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New Hire At The River Nest B&B


Hi. I am Milo, the newest member on staff at The River Nest. I think I am in entertainment, cause I can’t cook or clean worth a darn. I just started today. I hail from Oklahoma. I was caught running the streets and was incarcerated. Some nice people from Minnesota rescued me. Now Carol and Bill have adopted me. I am about 6 months old and my lineage is questionable. You know, Oklahoma….could even have some Brahma in me. Who knows? Training is going fine so far. I have done all my toilet business outside and picked out a chair already. I taught Bill I can stand up and reach raw chicken on the counter with no trouble. Now we are going to watch Midsummer Murders and snuggle a little. Hope I like the show. English!?!? I’ll try just for these nice people. More later. Milo.


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