Bed and Breakfast in Wabasha pays attention to details

At The River Nest B&B we are not only the best B&B for eagle watching in SE Mn, we pay attention to detail.  We do this so our guests are pleased and can enjoy a clean and comfortable setting for bird watching and relaxing and “breakfasting”.  I was not cognizant of just how well my wife and partner Carol “detailed” until she shared

Table setting

the fact that she lines up the flowers on the big plates with the flowers on the small plates when she sets the table.  See the pic below.  Is that detail or what??

Hope to see you at The River Nest B&B soon.   Bill


About Carol

Carol Dunn and her husband BIll Dunn own the River Nest Bed and Breakfast, snuggled right in Read's Landing between the Lake Pepin and Wabasha Minnesota's strip of the Mississippi River.
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