The River Nest B&B is alive and well

The River Nest B&B IS Alive and Well!

January 30, 2013

Oh, dear.

A potential guest e-mailed inquiring whether we are still in business atThe River Nest Bed and Breakfast.  Yes, yes we are!

It seems that when Bill became a Facebook aficionado, I quit blogging!  No more, I’m back!  Of course, if you prefer Facebook, he is The River Nest Bed and Breakfast.  That’s as much as I know about it!

We’ve had a marvelous year with the B&B.  Of course, our guests are the best ever!  Thank you!  Thank you! to all who have visited and re-visited us this year.

What’s happening now?  Snow.  The eagles are back, and a new feature has appeared: ice fishing shacks in our cove.


They began to appear last week and have been a daily show.

Bill has a new “job.”  He volunteers at The National Eagle Center in Wabasha, and one of his duties is to count eagles in our Reads Landing area.  Last week his count was 159 bald and juvenile eagles in about a one-mile stretch.

As always, we’ve been playing with the camera:


Bill calls this picture “Breakfast.”

What else is happening?

Barry Hill keeps bringing talent to Wabasha at his Moonshine Showcase.  Next to be featured is Martin Zellar with Ben Kyle, Saturday, February 2.  Check out his link to the menu of all the performers this year.

The Reads Landing Brewing Co. has turned out to be a great place to sample kraft beers and delicious food.  Our guests have praised the  the beer (Yes, they are producing their own as well as featuring others’.), the food, the service, the atmosphere ….  In good weather, guests have especially appreciated the simple walking distance to a terrific meal.  They’re having a special Valentine’s Dinner for Two party February 13.  Bill and I are going!

February will also feature Wabasha‘s own Grumpy Old Men festival.  My favorite event is the Grumpy Old Men plunge into the Mississippi River!  No, I don’t jump.  This year I’ll be corralling the grandkids while their mom and her sister jump.  Ah, youth!

News about us here at The River Nest B&B?  We’ve been busy.   Business took right off this year with more guests than ever before in January, and we’ve been booking guests for the February events as well as the Soar With the Eagles happenings in March.  Most weekends still have a suite open.

I’ve discovered bread flour!  It makes the caramel rolls rise higher and taste better; and the flour company promises me it has more protein than regular flour.  So I guess that makes them guilt-free, huh?

Whew!  This got long-winded!  That’s probably why I procrastinate so much.

Be well.  Bill and I look forward to hosting you.


Bill and Carol Dunn, Innkeepers

The River Nest Bed and Breakfast


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Carol Dunn and her husband BIll Dunn own the River Nest Bed and Breakfast, snuggled right in Read's Landing between the Lake Pepin and Wabasha Minnesota's strip of the Mississippi River.
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